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Bryan Cranston Fasting To Stay HEALTHY


BRYAN CRANSTON has taken to fasting to help maintain his health.

The Breaking Bad star turned 61 earlier this month (Mar17) and he finds starving himself for short periods at a time to be one of the best ways to clean his system out.


“I have been fasting a couple days a week now,” he told U.S. morning show Live! with Kelly. “It’s supposed to be the best thing for you. (I do it) any two days during the week. I pick days that I’m really busy so that you go through the day and you drink a lot of water and you’re flushing out your system. It’s very good.”

The actor has also noticed a distinct change in his appetite after adopting the fasting method.

“Your stomach sort of shrinks and you feel good,” he continued. “You feel lighter and cleaner and your face (skin) is clearer. So you just kind of want to take care of yourself a little bit better.”

Cranston is not the only celebrity to fast – Chaka Khan, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Oprah Winfrey have all tried it in the past.