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Olivia WIlde: ‘Having Kids Makes Christmas EXCITING Again’


Actress OLIVIA WILDE has learned to enjoy the holidays again after becoming a mum.

The TRON: Legacy star is mum to son Otis and newborn daughter Daisy with fiance Jason Sudeikis, and she explains she didn’t put as much emphasis into celebrating the holidays when she was younger.

Olivia WIlde

However, Wilde is now bringing back many of the Christmas traditions she enjoyed as a child now she is a mother.

“You learn to embrace the things that you maybe stopped enjoying as you became an adult,” she told Vanity Fair. “So things become fun again. If you’re getting a Christmas tree, that becomes a whole event. As a young adult in your 20s, you don’t care about your Christmas tree. Christmas becomes just a time to drink… a lot. So having kids kind of moves it away from the drinking and back to childhood ideas of Christmas.”

And while Olivia is excited about Christmas, she reveals her two-year-old son is questioning everything about it.

Olivia Wilde

“He’s a little suspicious of Santa, but I think that’s smart,” she told E! News. “I think that’s a sign of intelligence. He’s in the why phase. Everything is, ‘Why?’ When we told him that Santa was coming through the chimney, he was like, ‘Why?’ I was like, ‘Fair point! I don’t know. It’s not so efficient’.”

This year (16) will be different for Olivia and Jason “because they’ve never done it with two (children) before”. However, they will be close to family.

“We’re good at just surrounding ourselves with family, and I think it just means more fun – more dance parties,” she added. “It just continues to get better and better.”