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Thalía Facing Breach Of Contract LAWSUIT


Mexican pop star THALIA is facing a lawsuit over a contract with bosses at fashion company EDF Brands.


The singer reportedly signed a 20-year deal with executives at the company to license products in Mexico. According to the New York Post’s Page Six, the 45-year-old would be provided with “first class airfare for two” and “five-star hotel accommodations” to appear at promotional events for the company.

However, she is accused of violating the contract by submitting a $120,000 (£95,400) bill for expenses including $65,000 (£51,600) for a private plane, $15,000 (£12,000) for hotel rooms, security, hair, makeup, and a stylist.

“First class airfare from New York to Mexico City is approximately $1,500-per-person (£1,200), and five-star hotel suite accommodations at the Four Seasons hotel in Mexico City costs about $1,000-per-night (£800),” the complaint reads.

“Within months of entering into the agreement… Thalia demands a $65,000 plane to fly her to Mexico and (then) threatens through her attorneys to terminate the agreement,” EDF’s attorney, Andrew R. Goldenberg, adds.

As part of the deal, Thalia reportedly received a $150,000 (£119,200) advance for the promotional deal.

Thalia has also filed a counterclaim against bosses at the fashion brand, accusing them of breaching the contract. She claims fashions from her brand under the company did not receive her final approval and were not of sufficient quality.


“No product or product category could be sold, and no use of Thalia’s name or image in advertising and promotional materials could occur, unless and until the licensee received the requisite approvals from licensor,” her attorney Brad D. Rose tells the publication.

Thalia’s husband, music executive Tommy Mottola, is also named in the lawsuit. Both sides are seeking unspecified damages.



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