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BUSTED! 24 Celebrities Who’ve GONE TO JAIL!

Sometimes celebrities just mess up and have to serve jail time. Here is a list of 24 celebrities who have served hard time!

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24. 50 Cent

50 Cent had a six months sentence in what is called shock incarceration boot camp. He had heroin, crack, and a gun when he was caught in his home.


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23. James Brown

Brown was arrested and convicted for aggravated assault and also eluding police, which resulted in an interstate car chase. He served six years in prison for these offenses


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22. OJ Simpson

Simpson is serving 33 years for robbery, kidnapping, coercion, and conspiracy.


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21. TI

TI was in prison for one year after being convicted for possession of illegal weapons.


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20. Michelle Rodriguez

Rodriguez violated her probation after being charged with a DUI and served 18 days in jail as a result. She was instructed to do community service and educational classes which she did not live up to.


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19. Mike Tyson

Tyson was convicted of rape in 1991 and served 36 months in prison.


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18. Paul McCartney

Had to serve 10 days in jail after he was caught with a half-pound of marijuana at the Tokyo airport.


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17. Robert Downey Jr.

Spent one year in prison for trespassing after he broke into his neighbor’s house and passed out on a bed. He was high on drugs at the time of the incident. Because he missed a mandatory drug test more time was added to his sentence


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16. Tim Allen

Allen was in prison for two years after he was caught with 1.4 lbs. of cocaine and charged with drug trafficking.


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15. Vince Neil

The Motley Crue singer had to serve 15 days for vehicular manslaughter and a DUI.

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14. Wesley Snipes

Snipes forgot to pay his taxes and went to prison for three years on charges of tax evasion.


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13. Martha Stewart

Martha spent 5 months in prison after she lied to federal investigators while being questioned on corporate fraud.


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