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Khal Drogo Adopts A Wolf!

Jason Momoa Adopts a Wolf


No one can say that Jason Momoa doesn’t really prepare for his roles. The former “Game Of Thrones” star was doing research for an upcoming project where his character is a werewolf. To learn more about the animals and help get himself into character he visited a sanctuary near Los Angeles called The Wolf Connection.

Jason Momoa adopts a wolf


During his visit, he became an admirer of the organization and fell in love with one of the wolves he encountered there. Momoa isn’t exactly a stranger to wolves though, his wife Lisa Bonet actually already has a wolf at the couple’s home, so he decided it would be a good idea for Lisa’s wolf to have a companion.

Jason Momoa Adopts Wolf


The actor went on to assure everyone that they are very cautious with their wolves and have eight-foot cages around their property to keep people away for safety. Momoa added that the wolves are “really good with the kids and they’re really good with my wife, but they just don’t like me that much.”.