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Justin Bieber gets VIOLENT after Girl Almost Sits on Him!

Justin BieberSource: INFphoto.com

He’s done it again! If you thought we’d seen the last of Justin Bieber’s pathetic “bad boy” behavior, well, you’d better think again!

It seems like a LOT of stuff went down in Gotha nightclub in Cannes during the Film Festival! Not only was the Biebs SUPER busy wooing older ladies, he apparently couldn’t avoid getting into a confrontation with an unsuspecting female party goer!

Justin BieberSource: INFphoto.com

According to eye witnesses, the girl in question was trying to join a male friend by (maybe somewhat unadvisedly) trying to climb over a sofa that Bieber was sitting on. Bieber was not best pleased, his first reaction was to PUSH the girl, causing her to fall back on the couch.

The girl’s friend was not best pleased by Bieber’s man handling of her, and a scuffle broke out between the two! Luckily, Bieber’s bodyguards stepped in just before the confrontation got too serious. They quickly removed him from Gotha, but he was apparently back at the club later, sitting elsewhere, no doubt far, far away from unsuspecting sofa climbers.

 Justin BieberSource:INFphoto.com

Still though, PUSHING a girl just for trying to climb over the couch you happen to be sitting on? Not cool, Justin Bieber, really not cool.