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LiLo Gets Her Own Reality Show

Oprah gives Lilo her own reality ShowPhoto Courtesy of WENN.COM

What is the first thing you would imagine happening after you score your own eight-part documentary series for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel? Well if you are Lindsay Lohan, it probably wasn’t getting scolded by the woman you got hired by for delaying production.

Oprah gives Lilo her Own reality ShowPhoto Courtesy of WENN.COM

Lohan and Winfrey inked a deal for Lindsay to star in the docu-reality show after LiLo sat down and had a candid interview with Ellen after leaving rehab in the summer of 2013. The project that is slated to begin airing this month came dangerously close to being shut down before it even started.

Oprah gives Lilo own reality showPhoto Courtesy of WENN.COM

Winfrey came dangerously close to calling off the project due to Lohan’s constant tardiness and lack of ability to follow the rules set out for filming. The first episode features Oprah telling Lindsay “You need to cut the bulls**t. You really do.” Oprah also informed LiLo that she was ready to tell the crew to pack it up and move along. Lohan also insisted the crew delete a day’s worth of footage and in what will come as no surprise to anyone the filming also captures a fight with her father Michael.

“Lindsay” is set to debut on March 9th. Let’s see if Lindsay can keep it together long enough to fulfill the eight part commitment..