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Will and Jada Smith DON’T CARE if 13 yr old Willow takes RACY pics with friends

Will Smith and Jada

Looks like the parents have spoken!

According to TMZ  The Fresh Prince and his wifey don’t care if their teenage daughter takes ‘Sexy’ pics with friends.

“Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith believe their daughter is “very mature” … enough so to make her own decisions, as long as they don’t clearly cross the line.” They told TMZ.

Earlier this week Willow set off the media in a frenzy when her 20 year old friend, Moises Arias ( Hannah Montana star) posted an instagram picture of the two of them casually laying in bed together.

Willow Smith

Source: Instagram

What’s the big deal?! Well for one Moises is  7 yrs her senior and two homeboy was shirtless!

Did we mention Willow is only 13 years old too?!

According to the Smiths they have known Moises for years and he’s good friends with their older son Jaden who is only 15 yrs old.

Jaden and Moises

Source: Instagram

So I guess if the Smiths are okay with it then we should all be too?

What do you guys think? Appropriate or Inappropriate?

Drop us line.