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23 MOST HILARIOUS Celebrity Moments EVER!


Terra Jole-Ted (Copy)

In Hollywood the cameras are always rolling to catch celebrities at their most awkward moments. If you are famous every moment is immortalized on the Internet for everybody to enjoy. So sit back and take in these hilarious moments of your favorite stars caught in hilarious poses, funny situations, and in some cases downright weird situations.

23. Lets extend GRUMPY!

sofia-vergara-smurf (Copy)

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackOkay, so smurfs aren’t Snow White’s dwarves, but it fits. Because she’s the queen of slapstick and sexiness, Sofia Vergara decided to try both on for size in the Big Apple for the red carpet premiere of The Smurfs. Good for her, helping out a forlorn blue man in his time of need with something that’s even bigger and prettier these days than her curves: her wallet.


22. Rihanna


photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackTake that, Chris Brown! This shot of Rihanna was taken in Times Square for her appearance on Good Morning America, the same exact show where Chris Brown  threw his latest temper tantrum. Yep, GMA and Rihanna have a little something in common after he lost his cool and broke a window for no apparent reason in 2011.

21. Terra Jole & Teddy

Terra Jole-Ted (Copy)

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackThis Ted facsimile is even raunchier than the real Ted, if you can believe that. Pint-sized blonde beauty Terra Jole got acquainted with Teddy, start of the god-awful Hungover Games, during the red carpet premiere in Los Angeles. That movie aimed for Scary Movie but landed somewhere among the detritus of rejected SNL sketches. Maybe Terra Jole should have shared some screen time with this member… of the cast.



photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackSimon Cowell managed to conjure up some semblance of a normal, not-evil human being for “I Can’t Sing” press night at the London Palladium Theatre. At least there were no illusions during this autograph line, where Cowell obliged the only girl in the world who actually cares about getting a photo. Judging from the way he’s holding that smartphone, Cowell can’t sing OR take a selfie!

19. Katy Perry


photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackKaty Perry spent most of her California Dreams Tour crying about her dissolving marriage for the cameras of her behind-the-scenes documentary. During her stop in Madison Square Garden, she was a particularly emotional mess… but at least the girl pulled it together to give Bizarro Grinch a run for his or her money in a Dots dress.

18. “The Hasselhoff HUMP”


photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackBless his heart, at least David Hasselhoff knows where he’s relevant and where he isn’t. Three years ago, he put down the hamburger and cell phone long enough to enjoy an intimate moment with the spokesperson of the MTV Europe Music Awards. In other news, apparently MTV still has something to do with music over there. Hopefully the Odyssey Arena’s press room had a clean-up crew on hand that night.

17. Lindsay Lohan


photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackSomeone should tell the owners of Alice + Olivia that when Lindsay Lohan goes “shopping” in LA, she’s getting the Lohan Family Special, also known as the five-finger discount. At least one four-legged passenger didn’t have any qualms about showing Lindsay where to shove it. Hopefully this convenient doggy pose generated enough toxic fumes to obscure the ones coming out of her.



photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackSam Rockwell has been with longtime girlfriend Leslie Bibb for so long that they’ll do just about anything for each other, including pit checks right on the red carpet. Leslie couldn’t remember if she grabbed her deodorant on their way to the Barker Hangaar for the 19th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards. Luckily, Sam was there to lend a hand – err, nose.

15. Josh Duhamel picking his nose


photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackJosh Duhamel wanted to prove how down-to-earth he was, so he played the same game that New Yorkers did for a month when his Safe Haven subway posters were plastered everywhere. Waterstones Piccadilly was too classy for a sharpie, so Josh just used his finger at “An Evening with Nicholas Sparks”, which he co-hosted with co-star and Seacrest beard Julianne Hough.

14. Gaga being GAGA!


photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackThe crowds outside the Ritz Carlton hotel got what they were waiting for, and they got it: an eyesore. Lady Gaga can’t just carry a purse or style her hair; she has to turn human hair into a gigantic purse and make sure her devoted “monsters” don’t get a single glimpse of that face they love so much. Oh, Gaga. It must be exhausting trying so hard to stay relevant.

13. Perez…Hilton….WTF?

perez-hilton-lady-gaga (Copy)

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackIt’s hard to resist the temptation to dot this picture with white splooge like Perez Hilton has done so many times before. His appearance at Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween party was almost as cringe-worthy as the original performance that inspired it. At least Lady Gaga has a good figure.

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