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Pixie Cuts! 30 Celebs who’ve CHOPPED their Hair!



Have you ever noticed what a complete difference a haircut can make? This is especially true when you go from one extreme length to another. Seeing someone with short hair after being so used to seeing them with long hair can REALLY throw you for a loop! It’s even more shocking when it’s your favorite celeb that has made such a drastic change!

30. Maggie Gyllenhaal



29. Kaley Cuoco


Source: FayesVision/WENN.com

Kaley Cuoco is a beautiful lady, but she never really stood out much. The Big Bang Theory actress was never known for experimenting with her style or her hair, so when she debuted a haircut that wasn’t so dramatically different, it still seemed dramatically different! Here’s hoping it leads to some more exciting looks on the star!

28. Charlize Theron


South African actress Charlize Theron always looks beautiful, but can she pull off short hair? Of course the answer is a resounding yes!! The star had to shave it all off for upcoming movie, Mad Max: Fury Road, which was filmed back in 2012. Like Anne Hathaway, Theron handled the growing out process well and looked SO chic with her shaggy short cut!

27. Vanessa Hudgens


Back in 2011 High School Musical star, Vanessa Hudgens, chopped off her signature long tresses for her role as a pregnant, homeless teen in the movie Gimme Shelter. While we think Vanessa can pull off any look, the change really was dramatic. Apparently the star HATED it, and compared her new look to that of a soccer mom. Ouch!

26. Beyonce Knowles


Source: Instagram user beyonce and Getty

Queen Bey seems to have a new hairstyle every other day, we can hardly keep up! For a little while though, the Partition singer sported a pixie cut, apparently after cutting off a great deal of her natural hair. Of course, like with all of her other hairstyles, the singer looked AMAZING. I’m not jealous, I swear!

25. Lena Dunham


24. Shailene Woodley


23. Meagan Good


22. Evan Rachel Wood


21. Anne Hathaway


We were all so used to Anne Hathaway’s lengthy Disney Princess hair, so when she had to cut it all off for her role in Les Miserables, it was such a shocking change!! Apparently the dramatic haircut was actually Hathaway’s own idea, but it still wasn’t an easy task for the actress – apparently she cried like a baby when her hair stylist made the chop! While Hathaway’s hair in the film was harsh and boyish, the actress knew how to style it well for the red carpet afterwards, proving that she looks fabulous either way!

20. Julianne Hough


Nobody could have imagined what this Dancing With the Stars dancer would have looked like without her flowing long hair – certainly not this fabulous! The pixie cut really seems to be a trend with young starlets lately, and following this trend certainly paid off for Hough!

19. Jennifer Lawrence


Everyone’s favourite actress Jennifer Lawrence had luscious long hair ever since her acting debut. When she cut it all off in favour of a more dramatic pixie cut, nobody was expecting it! Luckily her for her, it proved that The Hunger Games actress can really pull it off!

18. Jennifer Hudson


17. Miley Cyrus


Source: FayesVision/WENN.com

Miley Cyrus didn’t just get a haircut; she underwent a complete image overhaul! For a good few years, Cyrus’ image was pretty feminine, normal and inoffensive. So when she cut off her SUPER long hair and bleached it she really looked like a COMPLETELY different person, which seems like exactly what she was going for, so good for her I guess! Hannah Montana is no more!

16. Carey Mulligan


Source: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

15. Emma Watson


Emma Watson shocked her fans when she cut her hair into a severe pixie cut after filming of the last Harry Potter film was completed back in 2010. Watson made the drastic decision so that she could make up for the fact that during all her years playing Hermione Granger she never got to experiment with her hair! Watson said that guys hated her short hair, but we loved it!

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