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CUTE KIDS! The Top 24 MOST ADORABLE Celebrity Kids Of Hollywood


12. Flynn Bloom


photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackFlynn is one fashion forward toddler, he attended New York and Paris fashion weeks with his supermodel mom Miranda Kerr and his daddy Orlando Bloom co-starred with Johnny Depp in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, ummm, coolest parents ever!

11. Eden and Savannah


photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackMarcia Cross may have played a desperate housewife with a couple of messed up kids on television, but in real life she is the proud mom to these adorable twin girls. Marcia had to battle her way to becoming a mom, but she got a super special reward with these two sweet little ones.

10. Camila Alves and Levi


photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackLevi sure did hit the jackpot in the gene pool, between his Brazilian model mommy Camila and his handsome actor daddy Matthew McConaughey, the couple’s oldest son is destined to become a heartbreaker just like his parents.


9. Bronx Wentz


photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackRocker dad Pete Wentz and fashion lover and singer mom Ashlee Simpson’s son bronx has adorable blue eyes and rocker cool curly blonde hair. As if the kid couldn’t get any luckier, his aunt is Jessica Simpson.

8. Ava Jackman


photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackIf you want to make your heart melt take a look at Hugh Jackman and his daughter Ava. Is it just us or does 2008’s sexiest man alive get even sexier when he’s showing us what a great daddy he is?

7. Alexander Sasha Pete


photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackNaomi Watts and Liev Schrieber’s son has his mama’s blonde hair and blue eyes. The little guy who’s birthday is July 25th prompted his mommy to encourage others to “Have a baby. It’s the best!”

6. Skyler Berman – Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman

Skyler Berman

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackIt’s no surprise that young Skyler Berman is a budding fashion expert. His mom is none other than style expert Rachel Zoe, who Instagrammed a photo of her and husband Rodger Berman with Skyler before his first day of school. He donned a stylish brown fedora that was paired with white shorts and a light blue collarless shirt.

5. Maddox – Angelina & Brad


photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackMaddox Jolie-Pitt is growing up before our very eyes, and his unique sense of style clearly draws inspiration from both of his doting celeb parents. His casual yet sophisticated look is very much modeled after Brad and Angelina’s style when they aren’t walking the red carpet. Of course, Maddox has made a red carpet appearance or two with his parents, and the kid looks great in a tux too.

4. Harlow Madden – Nicole Richie & Joel Madden

Harlow Maddenphoto-courtesyof-wenn-black
Harlow Madden is taking after her fashion designer mom by sporting on-trend looks that many adults would be jealous of. Nicole Richie and husband Joel Madden have given Harlow their unique blend of couture and rocker inspiration, and the young tike seems to be able to pull of high fashion flawlessly. He name even inspired Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow fashion line.

3. Kingston Rossdale – Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale

Kingsto -Rossdale

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackKingston Rossdale is the son of fashion and rock royalty, so his budding sense of style is no surprise. Kingston is always being spotted in designer but affordable duds, including Puma, The Gap, and American Apparel. His look is casual yet stylish and is perfect for a celebrity kid his age.

2. Harper Beckham – Posh & David Beckham

Harper Beckham

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackHarper Beckham has some big couture shoes to fill if she is going to be anything like her parents, Posh and David Beckham. The little one has already made headlines as a fashion influencer when she appear at New Your City’s Fashion Week wearing a stylish gray dress. Online retailers in the UK saw an instant rise in demand for similar dresses. Keep an eye on what young Harper is wearing to see the latest fashion trends.

1. Suri Cruise – Tom & Kate

Suri Cruise


Suri Cruise–daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes–is the little girl that got the world focused on children’s fashion. Suri is rumored to have a shoe collection worth $150,000, and she has been wearing heels since before she could walk. While other kids are wearing designer jeans, Suri is wearing kiddie-couture in styles that would make most other adults jealous.