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HOTTEST ACTORS! 23 Sexiest Hollywood Beards!


Bearded Men of Hollywood
What’s  hotter than a man with a sexy beard?! These 23 celebrity men with beards of course! We’ve rounded up the hottest musicians and actors who have joined the bearded man  posse and we must warn you. What you’re about to see could increase heart rate, make your palms sweat, and potentially cause a heat wave. Please proceed with caution and enjoy!

23. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling can do no wrong in our eyes. Beard or no beard we think he’s dead sexy. Although, the scruff does add that element of sexy manliness eh?


22. George Clooney




The player of all players, George is gorgeous no matter what, bearded or clean-shaven, George is definitely one of the most beautiful people on the planet and one of the sexiest, and he just keeps getting better with age.


21. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake
Another man that we didn’t know could look any better, JT is handsome sans stubble, but once he grew that beard, he showed us a more grown up sophisticated JT and we are definitely digging it.


20. Tom Hardy



Tom happens to play a lot of super serious roles, but all of them are gorgeous. The man can grow a seriously nice beard.


19. Ryan Reynolds



It has been a little while since we’ve seen Ryan sporting a beard in one of his movies, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will soon.

18. David Beckham


Posh spice, aka Victoria, sure is one lucky lady. Although it must be hard to have millions of women swooning over your man, we can’t help but swoon ourselves over that sexy beard.

17. Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackWe didn’t think that Jake could get any cuter, and then he grew a beard. Instantly we saw we were wrong. Facial hair suits you Jake!


16. Paul Rudd


The funny man has been keeping us in stitches for years and a beard is just one more thing to love about Paul.


15. James Franco

James is captivating no matter what but with a beard he’s even more intriguing.


14. Brad Pitt



No one does scruffy better than Brad…on second thought, Brad pretty much does everything better than everyone else.



13. Adrian Grenier


photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackBest known for his adorableness in “Entourage” we think he is even more adorable when he’s sporting some facial hair.